Virtually every weekend there is some kind of event taking place in the UK where the exhibitors are hoping to attract attention to their product or service. Everything from caravans to bridal wear is on show. The primary aim being to increase interest, build relationships and ultimately boost business. The fashion industry is no different and has its fair share of gatherings up and down the UK.
Since the 1700s, exhibitions have been common place throughout Europe. The sole reason for their survival is they work! They have stood the test of time. From small fairs… to multi-million pound shows in large warehouses, trades shows remain an established way of selling goods and services.
If you’re a fashion designer here are 5 key reasons why you should include this method in your overall business model…
  • Connections – Meeting people, who are connected to the fashion industry, is a great way to build rapport. You have the opportunity to present a professional image of you and your company to dozens of interested individuals all under one roof.
  • Brand Awareness – How long would it take you to visit 50 boutiques with your designs? What kind of reception would you get? In a trade show setting you benefit by getting unmeasurable brand awareness from ‘warm’ sets of eyeballs.
  • Viral Marketing – Apart from Buyers other relevant people also attend shows, such as the press and bloggers. There’s always a good chance you will get some kind of coverage that could be seen by hundreds of other people resulting in some extra viral marketing for you.
  • Business Intelligence – At a trade show you will see other designers and get a feel for what they are up to. You will also very likely pick up some useful tips and find out what is working for other designers and maybe even setup potential collaborations.
  • Cost Effective – Although a trade show can seem expensive when compared to other forms of advertising, it is a very cost effective way of getting out there. Typically a show will attract a steady flow of business owners, buyers, press and bloggers. To get in front of a crowd of such passionate fashion industry professionals is hard to put a value on.
If you are a fashion designer and have any accessories within your range why not exhibit the London Accessories Show, due to be held in July 2017. Register your interest by filling in the form by clicking here.