5 benefits of exhibiting at a trade show

Virtually every weekend there is some kind of event taking place in the UK where the exhibitors are hoping to attract attention to their product or service. Everything from caravans to bridal wear is on show. The primary aim being to increase interest, build relationships and ultimately boost business. The fashion industry is no different and has its fair share of gatherings up and down the UK.
Since the 1700s, exhibitions have been common place throughout Europe. The sole reason for their survival is they work! They have stood the test of time. From small fairs… to multi-million pound shows in large warehouses, trades shows remain an established way of selling goods and services.
If you’re a fashion designer here […]

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Attract retailers through offline marketing…

It seems the whole world is obsessed with online marketing; the internet is the flavour of the decade when it comes to selling goods and services. We’ve got social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name but a few. On top of that is the growth of search engines as a marketing tool, with Google (by far the biggest player) handling over 2 trillion searches a month!
Despite the growth of the Internet and the marketing opportunities it offers, it does have its limitations. The online landscape is highly competitive and ‘cluttered’ with adverts. It is getting harder and harder, and steadily more expensive to get the desired attention from your target market.
Don’t get me wrong using the internet as part of the buying cycle […]

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